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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Urban Local Body ?

    Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of India are the constitutionally provided administrative units that provide basic infrastructure and services in cities and towns.

  • How eMunicipality project can be implemented in Urban Local Body ?

    NIC has developed a wide range of web based applications for urban local bodies. The applications listed under Services supported through applications are available for use by any ULB. For this ULB needs to contact NIC Pune office or send mail to nic-ulbservices[at] regarding their requirement. After discussion between ULB officials and NIC Pune, the official procedure of registration of ULB at NIC Pune will be completed and product will be made available for use.

  • What is the benefit of using software as product or hosted service?

    User department need not invest on hardware resources such as servers. Since database is maintained centrally on data center, the database maintenance activity such as backup, restore, disaster recovery etc. is handled at data center. Besides this the application is available 24 x 7.

  • What is minimum requirement at user site ?

    User needs to have a PC with network connectivity and a web browser preferably Mozilla Firefox and VPN connection. If application is released as product user need not have VPN connection. It can be directly accessed using internet.

  • Whether customization as per our requirements will be done by NIC?

    All the products are generic. They are designed in such a way that big municipal corporation or a small committee / council can use them effectively.

  • What will be the format used for data?

    Data will be stored on central server in Unicode format- UTF8.

  • What about data that is already existing and is in different format?

    Where ever possible NIC will help in conversion of data to unicode format. If data is stored in proprietory font, user needs to get it converted into unicode format from the third party vendors. NIC will tender all possible help in this activity.

  • Training on usage of product?

    NIC , Pune will conduct training programs specific to each product.

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